Diabolical Iran: A threat to World peace

Sunday, 02 September 2007 By Patriot
The news that Iran continues to ramp up it's nuclear activities will send a shiver throughout the freedom loving peoples of the world. This theocracy ruled by the Mad Mullahs and their Presidential puppet Madmanahmed have made no secret of their desire for nuclear weapons and their intention to use them. And they continue to thumb their nose at the International community in their quest to obtain them.

And every day reveals more of their insidious meddling in Iraq.

Ever since that brave trio of leaders President Bush and PMs Blair and Howard launched their crusade to liberate the people of Iraq the Mad Mullahs have cynically used innocent Iraqis in an attempt to undermine the democracy that is taking root in Iraq. Corrupting election processes, supplying terrorists with weapons, and using puppets like Moqtada Al Sadr, the Iranian regime and their state run terrorist organisation the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are in it up to their necks when it comes to the violence happening in Iraq today.

The time for negotiation with the fanatical Islamofascists of Tehran is running out.

Each day the sophisticated weaponry they supply to the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq is spilling the blood of our brave warriors. The sane international community can no longer tolerate their violence and terrorism.

If they do not stop targeting COW troops in Iraq and Afghansitan. If they continue to fund international terrorist gangsters like Hezbollah and Hamas. If they make alliances with other crackpot anti-US dictators like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, then they will suffer the consequences. And any pain their people might suffer will be due entirely to the Isalmofascist regime of Tehran. The world cannot tolerate their evil ways much longer.

God bless,

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