Whitey wets his pants again. This time it is ANTIFA

Monday, 01 June 2020 By Frank Blues

Oh lord! Looks like Whitey is wetting his pants again. This time it is those mysterious ANTIFA folks. They are a conspiracy bigger than Zion! They are driving the Orange Clown insane...

Those nutjobs at Fox, Breitfart, Quillite, and all the rest, are shitting themselves about some half-arsed group that they claim is behind the protests/riots in US.

Hail to the Chief!



For fuck sake, this is a stupid as thinking Saddass was behind 9/11. 

Yank cops


It is simple. There is no grand conspiracy from a bunch of ex-hippies. Christ, if this rag tag group is bringing the country to its knees they have no hope!


Look, the Yanks are finally reaping what they have sowed all around the world. Shithole country 'elects' an idiot for President and what do you think would happen?


fishing for pigs

They strut the world with their self righteous blather. Well they can fuck right off. Time to get their fucking nose out of Bolivia. Out of Venezuela, Out of Nicaragua. Out of Iraq. Out of Syria. Out of all those countries where the fuckers have a military base. Fuck off out of Pine Gap and don't let the door hit ya fat fucking arse on the way out! Take all your bootlickers with you as well. 

Trump finger

The mask is off and the Idiot country is there for all of us to see. Build that wall Trump. Right around your shithole country, and fucking stay in there!


Frank Blues

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