Civilised World breathes a sigh of relief as Joe Biden vanquishes Trump

Monday, 09 November 2020 By Patriot

With the marking of their ballot card, or the pulling of a lever, the good people of the USA have shown us again the righteousness of democracy by serving an eviction notice to disgraced President Donald Trump.

They have realised that now is the time to put the grownups back in charge. And in President-elect Joe Biden they have wisely chosen an experienced Politician and Statesman, one who has shown in the past that he will not bow to threats from irresponsible World actors and terrorists.

more rogues Dubya Resident Warmonger Patriot says: "In Biden we have a leader of the free world very much in the vein of that other great leader President George W Bush"


It is obvious that the last four years of the inept Trump administration has emboldened the enemies of freedom and free enterprise!

Egypt CIA torture

Over this time the terrorists and their supporters in Iran, Syria, China, Russia and Venezuela have tried to white ant our democracy. With their information wars and surreptitious backing of far-left leaders Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn it looked for a while that they may succeed. But luckily for us the wise heads of the US Democrat and British Labour parties prevailed, and these backward looking and frankly treasonous politicians were blocked in getting their hands on the leadership of their respective Nations.

 mullah2 wideweb

One of Tehran's terrorist proxies on the phone to the Mad Mullahs.

 President-elect Biden looks the type to give a reach around to those responsible Republicans on the other side of the aisle. And given the dire threats we face he needs to be. He should start his Administration with a bi-partisan cabinet that includes Republican luminaries such as Elliot, Romney, and Rubio. He should also search out for advice from the wise old heads of former world leaders like Tony Blair, John Howard, and Henry Kissinger. They have stood up to and defeated terror in the past and can offer much to Biden so that he can do the same now.

fuck em 258 20091021 2079055736

Did he make a deal with Satan or what? How is this bastard still alive!

While there are many threats facing us there are two places that Biden must deal with immediately. One is Iran, where the Mad Mullahs thirst for nuclear weapons remains unabated, and their spreading of terror into neighbouring countries is an affront to civilised decency. Their proxy in Damascus Assad needs to be quashed now.

But above all it is the threat from the Chinese Communist Party and their leader the ruthless tyrant Xi Jingping that the new President needs to focus on. Xi has spent the last 4 years spreading the tentacles of the CCP around the world. All options must be on the table to deal with this bully from Beijing. He needs to know that the USA is back in the game, and back in it to win it!

Bulletin cartoon MA23248532 1400w 1

They say nothing ever changes...


It seems that the free lands of the West have dodged a bullet with President Trump. So now is the time for us all to get behind the new President Biden and urge to him to dispatch our enemies with extreme prejudice so we can all live in lands of freedom and wealth creation again.


God bless,



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