My plea to our Alien betters... Please Save Us!

Tuesday, 18 July 2023 By Environment Desk

Mother Earth.

We have fucked her red raw.

And now she is infected with a disease of our own making.

And her temperature, it soars.

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"Addicted to the remains of others,

That we burn with wanton abandon.

On a crash course over the cliff,

Brother Alien won't you hear our plea?"



Brother Alien. Send down the craft and get me the fuck off this crazy God's Golfball!

Re engineer the plants


She's not bad... just Genetically Mean...


People, I tell you: "What will be done? Nothing!"


So therefore I am taking responsibility personally for myself and loved ones. I have made a Universal Symbol and broadcast it to the heavens:

"Brother Alien! Get me off this rock!"

antartic sea ice 20230704 1364703584




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