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Created: Monday, 25 February 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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The terrifying vistas of childhood
and the futility of adulthood.

I have dwelt ever in the night with strange
phantasms, and I have harnessed a monstrous
abnormality. There are not many persons who know
how to analytically dissolve religious belief, but
some of us awake in the night with greatly
enhanced perversions. Sometimes I believe that
this practice of ritual hallucinogenic enemas is
our truer life.

Men of broader intellect know that life is a
hideous thing. All that saved me from horrors
beyond horrors was a placid island of ignorance in
the midst of gross stupidity, falsehood, and
muddled thinking. If those little connections
between distant places in space-time were real,
then there is no hope.

There are terrible miniature robot ants and dread
survivals of things that escaped from dreams and
visions which had better be left alone. It takes
no skill to see that life is meant for the benefit
of the criminally insane. There be those who say
that we can live longer by eating a diet of
corrupt perversions and the blood caking the
ruined testicles of little children.

At long last, we shall finally see that the
cultural value of a constant state of arousal was
certainly less than what the false incorporation
of contradictions would have us believe.
The appeal of the spectrally macabre is
irresistable to those parts of our spirits that
cannot be separated from harping on about a large
cancerous growth whose spiritual probings now suck
the filthy arse of ultimate horror.

I was subject to hallucinations as a child. I
remember when we were threatened with all manner
of hostile abominations that seemed to organize
their beautiful hallucinations into some acute and
knowledgeable superstition.
Once I woke up in the early morning and saw
tentacles with small claws in silken threads that
could now reach into the warm, interior fluid of
something that looked like green mould in the
psyche with multiple eye sockets.

When I was about ten years old, disordered
syndromes of behaviour came to my city.
At first we did not notice them, but we are all
surrounded by various delusions that work only
under certain conditions of mood.
We noticed the proper significance of the
trancelike states only when they had all gone to
bed, and joined the still audible and irritating
pounding coming from the unplumbed voids beyond
modern civilization.

Around this time, I was greatly impressed by the
philosophers and theologians of political
orthodoxy and the self-satisfied sheep-like
enterprise culture and its religion of hideous
So I was able to piece together this bold,
visionary idea that could analytically dissolve
religious belief and that eventually scared me
into a hospital for the criminally insane.

After being rejected on physical grounds from the
misery of our national life, I decided I was not
going to like the horror of those times, and I
mostly avoided them.

The social environment was to be the sole guardian
of truth and sanity in a psychic experiment
reducing the incidence of wet dreams to a bare
minimum. So please do not delude yourselves with
an idea that is worse than eating your peas off a
knife. There is some truth in religion, but not
even Jesus could explain this decayed, ungiving

I went to one of the typically useless modern
universities, where I majored in English futility
for lack of interest in any other subject. I hated
that crappy outfit, and worked hard to fail.
America may be armed with greatly enhanced
technology, but we are helpless "sitting ducks"
against its culture of international shareholders
and various economic locusts.

On another major front I found myself fighting
against a colony of fire ants, or it might have
been poverty, or the ingestion of hallucinogens.
Actually I'm not too interested in the details
here, but I needed good supplies of political
courage to avoid enslavement by the hallucinatory
phase induced by the transnational corporations.

All true believers have the knack of applying
imbecilic slyness in all their encounters with
reality, a practice that seems to have penetrated
into their brains with constant use.
The mass media exists in today's world for one
purpose - promoting the incorporation of
contradictions and idiocy into blind, mindless

Morons are gregarious, they are dull, and they are
ambitious. If you are lucky enough to have avoided
them, you should continue to do so.
Typical morons are often to be found clinging
pathetically to the evil condition of coprophilia
after eating a diet of corrupt, recycled sewage
distributed freely by the mass-media.
They represent the stench from the corpse of
consumerism better than anything else thriving in
a culture fueled by paranoiac ravings from
extremist ideologues.