Friday, 03 September 2021 By Max Gross

Our Ace Reporter Max Gross continues with his latest on the COVID Crisis engulfing our fair Nation.

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On 18 June this year – two days after this latest outbreak started – the New South Wales government announced two locally acquired cases of COVID-19. This morning, the plague state of New South Wales announced another 1,431 COVID-19 cases and 12 more deaths to 8pm last night, a new daily record for Australia.

Neighbouring state Victoria reported 208 new cases.

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Typhoid Gladys

The trajectory is obvious but Gladys Berejiklian the NSW state premier – a former banker, say no more – says she thinks COVID-19 in NSW will “peak” in two weeks. There are now 979 COVID-19 patients in NSW hospitals, including 160 in intensive care and 63 on ventilators. Not a prediction but a promise, Gladys rhetorically warns “October will be worse”.

Worse than September like August and July were worse than June when she let this catastrophe grow? She really is fecking insane.

Apparently there are just over 21,000 active cases in NSW “living with COVID”, as Ms B calls it. As others have pointed out, no government in history ever urged people to “learn to live” with polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, rubella, smallpox and all the other deadly diseases that once wiped out adults and children in great numbers. Berejiklian and Australia’s (alleged) prime minister Scott Morrison remain determined to open the COVID-19 floodgates once 70-80% of the “eligible” population is vaccinated, excluding children. In other words, just 56%-64% of the population.

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An act of madness during a pandemic. But for those of you who still do not realise just how inhuman and unhinged the NSW premier is, here is what she said yesterday:

“Death is horrible, but we also need to put things into perspective. Because at the moment there are eight million citizens who do not have a choice in how they spend their free time, who do not have a choice about what they can do when they leave their homes.”

FFS it’s a feckin’ pandemic, Gladys!!! And this psychopath governs Australia’s most populace state.

Adding to the crisis Downunder, recent studies suggest Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca – the only vaccines available to Australians (and it is predominantly just A-Z) – may be become less effective after four or five months, requiring booster shots.

Tell that to the growing number of COVID-19 variants!

Someone commenting in The Guardian summed up our probable future if the NSW premier has her way: “Based on the figures in the EU at present (summer) they’re running at over 70% fully vaxxed and 9.6 deaths per million people per fortnight. So that would mean a summer death toll in NSW of around 180-200 a month, and around 600-800 a month. That’s Gladys’ happy future for you all. About 10,000 COVID deaths a year, in perpetuity.”

The constant refrain from NSW and Federal government apparatchiks that having 70-80% of the adult population vaccinated even partially is justification to open the COVID-19 floodgates, is a total furphy.

 lnp morrison thoughts and prayers

Scotty from Hillsong

A study of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine published online by an organisation called BMJ (“a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world”) states: “vaccine efficacy reached 82.4% after a second dose in those with a dosing interval of 12 weeks or more (95% confidence interval 62.7% to 91.7%). If the two doses were given less than six weeks apart the efficacy was only 54.9% (CI 32.7% to 69.7%).” The government is currently urging people to be immunised a second time just 6 weeks after their first vaccination.

As someone else commented: “Morrison and Berejiklian are running a joint flimflam operation, locked down in their own little bubbles and trying to pretend that the massive failures exposed in each of their approaches to the pandemic can be washed away with a torrent of words. Yet both of their current predicaments largely come down to one basic problem…there still aren’t nearly enough vaccines.”

Meanwhile Morrison is borrowing 4 million Pfizer vaccine doses from the UK on top of the 500,000 he borrowed from Singapore and crowing about it when all it proves is that the government – his government – failed to purchase enough vaccine in the first place. And these borrowed vaccines must be repaid in kind later this year! With what?

Last year the smirking PM assured us that Australia was “at the front of the queue.”

As usual, he lied.

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