Saturday, 21 February 2004 By Flim Flam Man

Porno Poetry. Stoke the fire and read it on!


1. Killing an informer
She tickled me scrotum
And then she held my hand
And as her friend (unknown male)
Pressed his gun against me head
I came in me pants.

2.George Michaels Dick
I have it
On good authority,
from a friend who grasped it
in his hand...
"twas shaped like a mushroom;
and with a thin stalk,
but that what he had,
was a glorious head"
Told me he squeezed it hard
And all the daisys came out!

3. I am a columinst
Well I dont worship jesus.
And of the rest
I dont give a fuck
but one thing I will say:

Andrew Bolt eat my cunt!

Australia Contracted Thus
Ed. Senator Santoro & IPA

Kiss my red ruby arse ya fuckin cunt!

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