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It's a long, long road...

Created: Thursday, 14 May 2009 Written by Chato
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...and it's not good for Aussies to think too hard about it!

In the same manner that the Howard/Costello crime
team implemented the major part of the NWO
globalist reforms, the Rudd gang has taken up the
burden of restoring confidence in globalism and
the failed socioeconomic order.

It seems that Aussies will be forced to complete
their painful long march to third world splendour
and glory after all. The need to worry about
retirement has gone, because there will not be any
retirement in the not very distant future - just
perpetual jobseeking.

As further "brave reforms" take hold, Aussies will
still be allowed to watch sports spectaculars on
special occasions, but only under close
supervision and control.

Duty requires that signs of dissent or agitation
in others are carefully noted and reported, lest
the harmony of universal obedience be disturbed.