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On the dope again...my dreams are clear and real…there will be no shelter…

Created: Wednesday, 26 July 2006 Written by Unregistered Lunatic
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I'll be damned if I will let the events of the last few weeks cloud my mind. Imperious is my insight; I'm not cloaked in any "anti-bias". I know what I want and I know how to say it.

Projecting the misfortune of the few onto the misfortune of the many is a ridiculous notion.
Who are these few?

Deny them the right of torment, and perhaps only then will peace follow.

We cannot state their name.

Because to do so will bring only rancor on yourself. Suffice to say, they are of a particular religious persuasion.

Demonstrating destructive capacities has not solved their pain. Of course it is only a tiny pain, a very small infliction. Nothing that a water pipe and a 1/4g of hash wouldn't fix.

Dance my friends in those verdant fields of the Levant; remove the restrictions of your life, your culture, your friends. We are all free enough for the time being.

But Madmamnahmed is right: a reckoning is coming.

Where will you dance then?

I stare out the window and watch the children play. I light my pipe and it crackles and pops for another day of dewy eyed reflection. I've never had hope which means I don't know despair. An automaton; I trundle down the pathway to extinguishment and only hope the firework display will be worth it.

Yours in lurid languisity,