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There are modern day spies in the International Discourse. As the Social Media of our mind envelopes our thoughts in it's insta-tweet-book tic-a-tok of love endorphins, how many of these villains are behind the scenes pulling the levers and promoting the lies?

Well we all know Putin elected Trump. But who the fuck is responsible for Scott Morrison?

Was it Democracy?

lnp morrison praying 00

Fuck that!

If you are like me you prefer spies of the old school. Like that wicked Fang Fang the Chinese Honeypot. Fucked her way thru many low level lard arse Yank politicians (for that alone she deserved the Mao Tse Tung - Jiang Qing Femme Fatal Medal) until she reached the US Congress "Intelligence Committee' and identified the plot to steal Hong Kong from the Chinese with a bunch of born again Christian kids.

What a win for China that was!

But nowadays the Spooks like their intelligence Social Media tested. And of course for this the Yanks are the biggest players. They have their evil fingers in every hole. They own the whole fucking internet, so sure, they can do what they want.

And they do.

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ArtWank! CIA agent Jackson Pollock

For example...

The leaking US Embassy and the Aussie Twitter Drips.

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Dobbing other Pollies to the Yanks? Surely not our Julia!

For a long time the ALP has been riddled with Yank arse-lickers. They wouldn't let you join otherwise! From Bob Hawke to Julia, they have been toddling up to the US Embassy for the free booze&BBQ evenings. Half-pissed they are easy prey to the well trained operatives of Langley, and willingly divulge the secret machinations of Parliament House.

Ever wondered why discourse on twitter is so co-ordinated? So and so said this, then it is a retweet and voom... it takes off. With most of the Twitter Corp spooks or ex-spooks we shouldn't be surprised. And why not? The respected International 'News Services' are riddled with them as well.


Other Classes of Social Media Intelligence Operatives

Have you ever meet an Anarchist that wasn't a snitch? Black flags and all. Their whole schtick is to dob in the bad guys. Sure, most of them are bad, but why all the reach-arounds for the various State Dept mouthpieces? Well at least they can claim to be awake!

Being crushed amidst the wheels for sure.

fishing for pigs

Anarchists doing what they do best. Performative protest.

Intenet Spying on You - A Case Study

China is the target of most of the sneaking and snoopoing nowadays. And as such the surrounding countries in Central Asia have been packed with Yank yesmen and paid-for locals. Working in the VOA outlets, they spout the latest Talking Points on the Yellow Menace, and are ideally placed to do some direct spying on what's going on.

Taking Tea in Bishkek. A Central Asian academic, COVID, MI5, and a whiff of desperation...

Are these real people


Wearing Sunglasses After Dark. How to identify the Operatives

The information wars are circling around all of our minds and causing us to batten down the hatches. I have never trusted the Morning Lies, but my mate Bungeye is always truthful.

 all that remians of the verdun dunny

All that remains of Saddam Hussein's Revolutionary Guard Social Media Unit


As for joining the elite corps of Social Media CIA Influencers there a few things you need to do first:

  1. Take the ayahuasca
  2. A tenure position at a US university will help, otherwise one at some half-arsed Aussie higher learning institution will do (looking at you Latrobe)
  3. Ensure you have an open and powerful mind


Cruel symptoms... drizzling miasma... Havana headaches...

Everything is true but it doesn't mean it is also not a lie...


Past events show us the hints of the present...

1. The writings of Crowley and Burroughs both rode roughshod over Judeao-Christian morality. And both were secretly in the employ of Western Intelligence Agencies.

2. The 'chance' meeting of John Foster Dulles and Leon Trotsky in a Mexican art gallery.

3. The fact that Sun Yat Sen went to the same Oxford College as Mahatma Gandhi.

4. Any real leaders who have risen up like Sankara and Lumumba? Both killed by CIA inspired assassins.

What do you call it when assassins are sent to kill the assassin?

Bob Hawke feed info to Yanks. What did they feed him in return?


Want to know who is in charge? Look at who is not dying...

Murdoch and Kissinger. Queen-fucking-Elizabeth. They have been give the licence to rule, and by fucking God they are ruling!!

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Keep your eyes open. Your ears to the ground. Stop that scrolling and for godsake, do something!

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