Will the birth of a new Royal Heir make us all behave a little bit better?

Created: Wednesday, 24 July 2013 Written by Royal Correspondent
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I am looking for the silver lining that the birth of a new royal heir can bring. We all remember the joy and happiness when the current heir, Prince Willie, was born so many years ago to his saintly mother Lady Di. Then, as now, the crowds thronged to the Palace and in the streets of all their Dominions, and they all gave hearty cheer and thanks that a male heir to the throne of England was born.


And isn’t also true that after Prince Willie’s birth the world enjoyed a golden age?


wiilliam beard 1212536c

A bearded Prince WIllie


We had Maggie and Ronnie in charge, and the Papists knew when to keep their mouths shut when it came to the great and glorious Church of England. And it was that communism was toppled, and IRA thugs could be freely eliminated, we all were made richer, and everything felt good and proper in the world.


Now with the lovely Kate and Prince William’s new progeny bursting forth perhaps the World can be again made brighter. For a start, we could get rid of that dreadful man in the Whitehouse. And we glad subjects of the Royal throne, we could all pull together to work a little bit harder, or in the case of some, actually do work for a change, and get the Commonwealth back on its feet so we are all proud and sure in the World.


Us loyal subjects have nought to be ashamed of; recognising one’s superiors in life and celebrating their goodness and grace is perfectly natural and the way the world ought to be.


I see the Queensland Premier has made a good start; striking a coin as a gift for all other Queenslander babies born on this day, who will forever remain in the shadow of our Golden Heir.


Why not take this a step further? Why not declare this a day of celebration for always? A day to declare that we are all proud daughters and sons of Britain when it comes to the Royal Family? I say let’s have a day where rather than holiday, we work for nil, and donate our wages so that our future King can grow up and be happy in a setting befitting a monarch.


And as such I am launching a petition to herby call this Willie&Kates Baby Day! I will be asking you the readers of this great newspaper to join with me to ask Australia’s soon to be PM Tony Abbott to henceforth declare this day for the Royal Heir , a day on which we gladly work for nothing so that our future King can live in the glorious comfort and opulence that is rightly his!


Australia, what say you?

williams great grandad