Band Names

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 By Chunky Chuck Coulson

Always tricky to find a name for your band. Here are a few ideas...




Odiferous Stools

The Smedley Boys

Tramps and the Ponies they rode in on

Waving Sabres

Squeezin' the dew

Fingernails of Love

The split second of Eternity

Inside me sisters britches


Naked. Not Ashamed.

My skin. Your lamp.

Burn the Fire

The knacker's spirals of infinity

Who asked you?

Is there a way home?

Ever did?

My mother's false teeth

The old man and me


Mind. Expanded.

Not proud, but not begging.

The Third Eye.

Nasal drip.

Fatima's Boots

Konigsberg Kuartet

Bishkek or Bust

Steam off my Shit

Chewing Bricks

The rump of my Heart

Dancing with Dewey

Palm Trees

Pimping your Sis

Buddha Says

Rode my horse to the sky

Dyaln Singapore 2

No way home except death

Inside the box

Brainless Painless

Living in Robinson

Licking Lilly Langtry

Laughing Louie Stynes

Ricardovitz and his Fiddling Three

Bumped off the list

The pill says yes

Forgot my memory

Don't go Johnny Thunders on me

Stab it now!


As you can see there are many. So now you got no excuse for not getting that band together.



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