Measly Christmas

Wednesday, 24 December 2003 By Pervis
Fluck youTribulations and exortations; CHING!, good excuse for a piss up; go fucking shopping great.

What piece of crap can I buy them...fucking sticky tape...least pubs open now.

Let's not get too carried away. Here; eat some ham off the bone, turkey on top, bit of roast pork and some fish. Bit of cranberry sauce on that? Mayonnaise.

Pass me beer/wine/whiskey; just pour it all over my face. Gotta love it; I'm tired bubba.

Sweaty fucking santa; betta have a fucking shower I suppose; 4 day old dried sweat and shit smell under my balls....

How bout rock'n'roll xmas....genuflect hangover prep; love you all; sincerely; take care; be safe; don't be a cunt, mixed feelings about this shit .....same every year.....fuck it next know

Hey; at least I'm writing a fucking article

Merry Xmas people; have an enjoyable whateveritis and don't forget whatever it was that your supposed to remember

Dear Santa; please send me a Mad Max car and a bottle of something medicinal

Send something to that starving person and that cunt around the corner with the cork shoved up his arse. and tell 'em to be nice or at least mind their own business and stop annoying me....and make pain less painful for everyone.....and remind everyone that they are skeletons.

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