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Created: Thursday, 30 October 2003 Written by TEX LUMBAGO
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Xenox News is usually concerned with the big issues of life: where and how your next root is gonna be, whether that bearded bastard from Bethelehem has any significance, and why does StKilda claim that they had a successful year when they didn't even make it into the finals? But this time we thought we'd take it easy and concentrate on politics. We have gathered the finest political brains from around the world and printed their views, their polemics, their ravings on anything and everything about politics. We've tackled every controversy: racial, economical, social, and especially sexual politics.

Damn! What is that elusive genie that flickered through my mind?. Again I took the voyage..Ever glimpsed the underside of the virgin's ass? These are the tumultuous skies I viewed.

So why not join us and give us your thoughts on the world body politic.