XN Update Progress Report

Created: Wednesday, 07 May 2003 Written by YUGO
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Happy to report that an upgrade of a copy of the Xenox News site went well. Currently working on a revised theme (the old one can't be used) for the site and would like comments on the image below as a possible masthead or banner logo thing:

As soon as the theme is complete I will upgrade the site. Actually it will probably be a work in progess and theme changes will be ongoing.

Here's a vector version of Annie's head that I was fooling with at one point. If I had the original to scan I could get more of the detail of her fine features. Then we'd have a scalable version of Annie's head. What fun! We could make some T-Shirts out of it or something or a wall-sized poster or how about a Xenox News coffee mug....

And here's a sneak peek. Simple and mainly black and white as requested. Course it ain't finished yet:

Hmmm that's really a light grey background behind the left sidebar menu......