#ASKBOXHEAD# Non target specific criticism

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dear Boxhead,

Is it OK to criticise a person without mentioning their name, and to people who will have no idea whom you are talking about?

Is describing an unknown person's odd habits, shortcomings and annoyances an acceptable form of sharing psychological profiles amongst others as a form of analysis (a discussion which might lead to a heightened level of self awareness amongst the participants) or is a discussion like this just as nasty as naming the person and akin to a regular bitch session?


I know this cunt.


Dear Cunt,

How about this... I know you’re a cunt. And have been since you first took breath after the whore who is your mother expelled you from her cunt. You never wipe your arse properly, there are pee stains on your pants, and you like to play with the penises of little boys.

Other than that you are a complete prick and deserve a hot rod poked up your poo stained arse.

Now read that back to yourself. Sounds reasonable to you? If it does feel free to complain about anyone you fucking like.

Kind regards,



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