Thursday, 05 January 2012
Dear Boxhead,

Answer me this. What REALLY happened to Brian Jones?


Rolling Stoned

Dear Rolling Stoned,

I was born with the gift of a tin ear. As such music has never meant a damn to me; it's just another bit of infernal racket that I tried to hide away from in my box.

So I've never taken much interest in the why doings or how dones of musical collectives. What happened to Brian Jones? Got stoned, slipped into a pool and drowned. That's at least what I could gather after spending 7.9 seconds of research on him.

Maybe if he gave up his life of music and settled down with a box on his noggin, like myself, he might have lasted a bit longer.

And I'm certain he wouldn't have lost Anita to Keith, that's for sure.


Yours unmusically inclined,



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