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Created: Friday, 20 October 2006 Written by Chato
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Attention Saddam! The Unflushable Floating
Turd is preparing to cut and run from his
blood-soaked Iraq adventure.

Bobbing and floating, ducking and weaving,
the plucky little prime ministerial turd is
going into a screeching reverse on his awful
Iraq adventure. The mood of the dullard Oz
public has changed somewhat, and Turd felt a
chill of fear up his geriatric spine.

It seems that not only is "cut and run" back
in favour, it is now also okay for Iraq to
be run by any old dictator game enough to
take on the job. How much is Turd prepared
to offer to some psychopath to take over the
Iraq catastrophe? Can he find anyone?

Does this also mean the GST, Centrelink and
IR "reforms" are terrible mistakes that have
to be fixed without any of Turd's usual
"cutting and running"?

There so many "mistakes" to be fixed, I
doubt that The Unflushable Floating Turd
can "stay the course".