Wednesday, 16 June 2010 By Well I'll be fucked with a fuck stick in the ear
Dumbass ConroyJust when you thought that our rabid ALP MPs could not get any lower BLAM BLAM - Conroy and Krudd come up with a policy that towers over their Chinese-style Internet Filter.

Conroy's new policy push makes it mandatory for Australian ISPs and telecommunication providers archive and make available log files that identify what websites you visit, who you call on your phone, who you email and more!

Here are some tit bits for you nipple fondlers:

Article 5.1 specifies that internet service providers (ISPs) must retain "data necessary to trace and identify the source of a communication concerning internet access, internet email and internet telephony".

Clause 5.1.b.2.ii of the directive also requires ISPs to record the full name and address of anybody you email or call. Yes, seriously.

The way I read it these corrupt bastards want full access to the connections of all of their enemies.

Let's hope this craving for absolute power brings them down before they can implement this shite otherwise I am out of here.

Do I want corrupt ALP ministers and subsequently Liberal ministers having access to my circle of friends?

No I do not.
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