Do you believe? Can he be America's Saviour?

Wednesday, 19 April 2023 By MAGA Magick

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 Artist rendition of when President Trump found the suitcase of Money from Vlad Putin that inspired him to run for President.


How many times can a man be lucky?

How many times can a Country be lucky?


Questions that have occupied the Greatest Thinkers, for all The Ages. And questions that come to mind when you think of Donald Trump.


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I don't like to Forecast the Future, but I can see this happening in DC come January 2025. A triumphant Trump takes the Presidential Earrings from 'Sleepy' Joe Biden.


Our turbulent times demand a leader who can put our Country back on the Top of the Heap. As a Light upon the Hill, for all the downtrodden peoples of the World.

In Harlem.

In Tehran.

In Urumqi.

The masses cry out for an America that can lead the people to Freedom!


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Ladies & Gentlemen, here is that Man.


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