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Hair Split Ends

Created: Friday, 06 May 2005 Written by Nadeem
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This is a common condition which proves to be the devil of every girl's life! Split ends are most often seen in long hair but also found in shorter hair that is out of condition and is an affliction of anyone trying to grow their hair. The problem can be solved with good hair maintenance so check out this article!

Split ends, (or trichoptlosis),
are the nightmare for every self-respecting woman's life! They happen
when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair
fibers. Split ends are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair,
and typical causes of damage include excessive dying or vigorous brushing.

Once the hair cuticle
is removed, it is impossible to replace. Typically the hair splits into
two or three strands, and can be as long or two to three centimeters in
length. The best treatment is to cut off the split end of the damaged


1. As your hair grows,
the natural oils from the scalp can fail to reach the ends, making the
ends of the hair more vulnerable than the roots.

2. The ends of your hair
have had a long exposure to the sun, gone through many shampoos and been
overheated by hairdryers and straighteners, which results in dry and brittle
ends which are prone to splitting.

3. Not trimming your hair
regularly is possibly the main cause of split ends. Prevention is better
than a cure!

4. Damage due to colouring
when done to excess also causes dry brittle ends.

5. Poor quality brushes
and combs can also cause this problem.

It doesn't necessarily
means that have to go to the salon every week to keep your split ends
in check. In earlier times, woman used to burn off their split ends
themselves! And when I heard this I thought of bringing this revolution
again into this Era, brought something new to this fashion & beauty
industry so started cutting hair with Candle, its cool, fun & creative!
Imagine using fire instead of Scissors, but you don't have to scared I
will not advising you to do this at home and got entry into Records book

Hey! Not to worry, there
are easier ways to get rid of your dead ends before they split further...
DIY (do-it-yourself) hair trims. Don't be afraid, most of women do it!

These DIY hair trimming
tips are for woman who are happy with their hair; for those who don't
need a re-style, but simply want to freshen things up with a 'homegrown'
sort of look. Still! If you are in any doubt, leave it for the professionals!

To remove split ends:

Take small sections of
hair and carefully twist them in a gentle downward motion.
Any split ends will automatically stick out.

Carefully snip into the
twist with sharp scissors. Don't cut right through; just cut into the
thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect.

Be careful to cut roughly
the same amount from each twist.

Remember, sometimes the
simplest, and least expensive, ideas are the best. So get trimming!


1. Use specialist products
that are designed to seal the splits temporarily in order to catch any
splits that are shorter than the length you want to cut your hair to and
to allow your hair to grow a little longer before you trim.

2. Go for deep conditioning
treatment every week, if possible and especially if your hair is prone
to splitting, chemically treated or treated by ceramic straighteners.
Conditioning is mandatory every time you have a chemical.

3. Have a Trim regularly

4. Avoid excess heat and
too much brushing and combing and please don't brush, scratch or shampoo
hair and scalp before any chemical service. Never hesitate to Invest in
quality combs and real bristle brushes.

5. Do shampoo your hair
after a workout or strenuous exercise. The salt from perspiration will
erode your hair. If you work out more than once a week, consult your stylist
for your particular needs.

What ever you do, if you want to keep your hair long, don't ignore split
ends because, as they split they also break away, meaning that your hair
is in effect getting shorter every time you brush it and also means that
your hair population is going down!

The above article has
been written by Nadeem Ahmed, India's leading hair stylist. Nadeem
Ahmed is India's one of the leading hair fashion experts and he works
at Rex Salon & Academy, Chandigarh. Nadeem also conducts classroom
sessions, seminars & workshops on latest hair trends, colors, rebonding
for creative professional hairstyling as well. He have entered into Limca
Book of Records (Indian version of Guiness Book) by cutting hair with
fire, blindfolded, hair cut with cutter and piece of glass and have been
appreciated by Guiness Book of World Records. He have featured in most
of the leading TV Channels, newspapers, Magazine & leading fashion
websites like modernsalon.com behindthechair.com, bosshair.com etc. Coupled
with a hereditary passion, Nadeem completed a his diploma from his father's
salon only. It is quite unusual believe it or not he learnt cutting techniques,
styles from websites. He is inspired by just reading the interviews of
the leading hair stylist on the net and now it has become his passion.
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