Created: Saturday, 04 February 2006 Written by Chato
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New federal initiative shows what
sort of good man John really is. Some very welcome distraction from
revelations that John and Saddam
had a very tender man-on-man
relationship, will be provided by
the Howardland "Beyond Brown"
mental health scheme.

The new scheme was cooked up
between John Filth and Global
corporations in an attempt to
cover-up the rapid social decay
caused by Howardland policies,
and to boost sales of expensive
neurotoxic medications.

In a state of deranged lunatic
enthusiasm, and with his anal
sphincter clenching in a painful
senile spasm, the sociopathic
leader of a doomed nation raved
about his apocalyptic vision:

"If Oz youth are forced to take
Howardland Freedom Pills, it will
not matter how brutal, abusive or
depressing my regime is. Once they
are properly medicated the poor
dullards can give a fair day's work
for the battling corporations and
the shareholders without any
concern for their own welfare.
I have looked at the future and it
is about drugs and Freedom Camps."