Tuesday, 11 July 2006 By FrankBlues

A change of direction for our great masturbation nation is in the wind. Who would offer the better leadership for our country of pullers and squishers?

Costello, as I have reported, has already broken one promise to the wankers.

But we know that crotchety old fart Howard has declared War on Wanking. So is it tweedledum for tweedldee?

I reckon that we need some more options. The Liberal Party is chock full of pompous dick pullers who could give Australia back to the masturbaters.

Brendan Nelson springs to mind as an inveterate wanker, perhaps he should take over the top job?

Tony Abbott has all that Catholic guilt from playing with himself too much; as Australia’s leader will he give Aussie wankers a fair go?

How about a woman? Bronwyn Bishop is an ideal candidate, many Aussies both he-males, she-males, and dykes of all descriptions have waxed lyrical over her charms. As the new PM Bronny would certainly stimulate the paper industries.

Whoever takes the job they should be on notice that cum next election time the Wankers of Oz will be judging them.

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