Created: Monday, 18 September 2006 Written by Chato
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You have never been sucked so good before,
by the parasitic Oz ruling elite, their
crap-flinging P_erforming M_onkey who gets
paid very big peanuts indeed, and their
filthy, stinking, shit-pail media whores.

Have you noticed a concave depression in the
top of your head lately? Feeling sort-of
sucked dry, about to implode at any moment?
Does a little voice in your head whisper
that you are a low-life bludging loser?
Do you feel like a worthless piece of shit
that needs to grovel to the rich and famous,
and give them your labour cheap?

You are showing signs of having been leeched
by expert "values vampires" who are being
led by John "Black Hole" Hogturd, who got
his sinister nickname because nothing sucks
worse than a black hole. Even though he is
only a shit dag hanging off the globalist
butt-hole, his destructive powers are vast.

For more than a decade Ostrichlians have
been under attack by evil, smirking fiends.
Not satisfied with grabbing the loot and the
power in the land, they also must strip away
any sense of value or worth in their poor
victims, and somehow drape themselves in the
skins of those whose worth they've sucked
away and stolen.

Having no intrinsic worth of any kind, this
blight on the land, having to live as an
evil arsewipe values vampire, parades in the
value and worth of others as though it all
came from his own howardly, parasite self.

The most awful part of this grim, dawning
apocalypse, is that once the victim's value
and worth have been sucked away, they
themselves become infected and must forever
roam this barren land as psychic parasites,
trying to suck worth and life from the
seemingly living.
As they shuffle through their pointless
days, they start worshipping celebrities,
calling people "bludgers" and "losers",
grovelling to the so-called leaders, rolling
on the ground in fits of skin-deep
sentimentality over the self-inflicted
injuries of their sports icons, buying
tickets to celebrity funerals and other such
signs of those that lack any authentic life.