Friday, 06 October 2006 By Foreign Affairs Desk

Those two uber-vixens of world politics, Condoleeza Rice and Tzippi Livne, have returned from their two day workshop on the Mediterranean Coast where they held in depth discussions with each other about Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Labia, and Clitoris.

“We have both agreed that we shall put our best efforts into demanding peace, land, and pussy for the Middle East,” said the strikingly beautiful US Secretary of State and Horny Affairs Condi Rice,
“And by the way, unlike the rest of my party, I am not interested in teenage boys.”



Sultry Israeli Foreign Minister Tzippi Livne.

Her Israeli counterpart Tzippi Livne said that the two of them had a successful and creative meeting where they:
“Exchanged views, ideas, clothing, and scented bodily secretions.”
She went on to say:
“It was more than a meeting of minds; it was a spiritual and sensual exploration of womanhood.”
When asked what the meeting had achieved for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict Tzippi said “What?”

It was revealed that a healthy throng of well wishers had gathered on the beach outside the high-powered couples hotel room during the meeting to wish them well.


Someone who saw what he liked at the Condi-Tzippi summit!


At a news conference held later, Israeli PM Egghead Omelette complained that the cavorting couple had left the key in the keyhole to prevent him from getting a look-in at the Lesbo lovefeast.

Hizbollah’s terrorist leader leader Sheik Hassan Nasarallah told XenoxNews he was still waiting for the video of the meeting before he would comment.


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