Created: Saturday, 18 November 2006 Written by Chato
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Oz PM Howard promises to cut and run
from the bloodsoaked Iraq catastrophe.
Blames The Greens for everything that
has happened in the last ten years.

"It was him that did it. I tried to stop him,
but the bad men forced me to do bad things!
I always tried to cut and run from this awful
Iraq business, as did my special friends George
and Tony. If it wasn't for these bloody lefties
we would have been out of there long ago.
I remember them brainwashing me about
'staying the course', not 'cutting and running'
and also 'getting the job done' - Awful! Awful!"

"It is just like Vietnam, where the lefties
always stopped the decent Liberal party from
ending the pointless carnage!"

"Don't you fret, I will have us out of this
leftie war in a trice! I will also recue our
poor Oz boy who has been held captive for
years, and years, by radical lefties and
animal liberationists in Guantanamo Bay.
If I knew how to cry I would weep for that
poor lad that I have tried so hard, for so
long, to rescue from that awful place.
As you all know, my word is my bond!"