Wednesday, 03 May 2006 By Chato
Bludgers are blaming poor old Ratso
for big steaming interest rate turd
in the great Inflation Nation.

Uncle Suckhole responded to a spate
of finger-pointing by the bludging
losers of Howardland reforms.

"How many times have I tried to tell
you losers? I have no control over
interest rates and I never will have.
Mysterious global forces that I could
not control are at work here.
It was the other bloke who asked you
to trust him - not me!
I am just a very humble little PM who
never knows about anything, and never
does anything. So you see I must be
totally innocent. Blame the other
guy, it was him, I saw him do it,
that is his smelly turd!"

Trasherer Pretty Costlyblow clarified
how the new economics works with a
superior smirk thrown in for free.

"When you take the quarterly current
account figures, divide them by the
first figure that comes into your
head, add your age, double the
result, divide the result by three,
add the last interest rate increase,
and blow out all the candles on your
birthday cake while making a magical
gesture, nov schmoz kapop, blah,
blah, nurple purple, maple surple,
inflation elation, funny money, eat
your honey - then Bob's your uncle! I
can't make it any clearer than that."

A sinister hateful look replaced
his usual grotesque smirk.

"As for you Reserve Bank bastards, I
won't forget this you dirty cunts!"
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