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Created: Monday, 24 April 2006 Written by Chato
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Important facts about ANZAC crapfest.

It is time for the annual war
neurosis to be inflicted upon the
bovine Oz public in the orgy of
drivel known as the day of ANZAC.
(A Nasty Zombie Attack Coming)

Uncle Suckhole and the Howardland
regime are obsessed with Oz war dead,
and no doubt they will produce a
bumper crop of Oz dead if they can
get away with it. The good thing
about dead soldiers is that they
don't talk back. You can put them in
rows in nice peaceful war cemeteries,
build memorials, and give speeches
without having to face the shattered
bodies and minds of the veterans who
managed the untidy feat of surviving.

No, the pollies want them in the
ground, where all decent war veterans
belong, not obscenely parading their
wounds for all to see, or even worse,
campaigning against the war mania of
Uncle John Suckhole and his mates.