Created: Sunday, 26 November 2006 Written by Chato
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Maggots become blowflies that lay many
eggs on rotting corpses.

But the political maggot grows into a
fiercely energetic political blowfly.

Some of those blowflies become national leaders.
The corpse that they lay leggs on, is the nation.
The maggots that eat the corpse are their
sickly supporters and media whores.

Did I forget to mention all the sleazy and gutless
"professionals" that congregate to gorge themselves
on the dead body of their once was a nation?

Strangely, the blowflies and maggots like to talk
up a storm of patriotic frenzy, and will never
admit to their own pernicious behaviours.

It may be soon that some blowflies get caught in the
web of their own lies. But who will the spiders be?
The spiders of truth?