Created: Friday, 14 July 2006 Written by Chato
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Old-age pensions and gold-fillings now
in the Howardland reformist firing line.
The Howard/Costello revolution continues!

Feeling the urgency for ever-more "reform",
and responding to the unearthly moans of the
elderly Howardland faithful, the stinking
old dog-turd and his steaming fresh young
dog-turd sidekick will waste no time in
kicking away the support of the old-age
pensions from the osteoporotic bones in the
legs of the frail elderly.

It has been deemed that the only way to get
elderly multiple amputees to stand on their
own non-existent feet is the tried and proven
mutual-obligation shock-therapy delivered by
noble Howardland Einsatzgruppen who will not
hesitate to dig-out every last gold-filling
with harsh but fair Howard/Costello efficiency,
for the greater glory of the Howardland.

What pensioner could fail to be won-over by
the chance to be boiled-down to make soap,
Soylent-browns, and fertilizer?

All packets of these products would be printed
with a tasteful image depicting the british
royal family with Saint John Howard, and also
showing the Hellsong Choir singing in front of
a mural of a muscular Jesus turning two fish into
five million dollars to feed the shareholders.