Tuesday, 24 April 2012 By LordyLordyLordy

I consider myself a spiritual man.

A thinker.

Pondering on life’s eternal questions… Why here? Why now? Why is her arse so unbelievably perfect? And how can I get my mitts on it?

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As such I have read the books of the wise; studied the teachings of the masters, and surfed the web of knowledge. Daily I have toiled at the interface between faith and life. What wise words did the Buddha say? Zoroaster’s message of humility; is it relevant to me? Confucian ideals of living and civil society.


I have read them all, studied them all. Digested them all.


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Thought comes like a plague to the head in God’s house…


My days were spent in a funk of primitive naivety; I emptied my mind of all things that I had previously learnt, what I had previously thought. I started from the bottom and let the knowledge of the ancients fill my head to the brim, till it overflowed, and their words cascaded down in a delicious stream over my naked body…


I gripped my erect till and guided my ship onwards to enlightenment!


Cast adrift on the turgid miasma of existence I finally awoke. Yes, I thought, I have the answer.


Gentleman, in the end my meanderings of the mind came down to one simple conclusion.


Satan yes; Jesus no.


I leave you to ponder on that.

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