Through me the Gods talk II

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 By LordyLordyLordy

Eurydice was an easy root they say; but compared to the way today's general public bend over to get reamed by their masters she must have had a padlocked cunt!


iraq road to falluja bridge

Our cities and towns steamrolled by the march of progress.


There are many rules for our enlightened discourse, set forth by those who determine our why-fores and where-buts. And pre-eminent amongst them is obeying the experts’ opinion.

These experts...  Where do they find them? What is it that makes them qualified? Why can't I be one?

Of what 'value' do they offer?

It seems they are like the Greek oracles of old; we come to them in awe. In fact we are forced to come to them, with our heads bowed and with no right of appeal against their words of wisdom and wonder.

From their belly’s belch the words of the Gods and you do yourself no favour by not agreeing with them.


And these experts proclaim finally ‘thus shall it be!’


Ah well what to do... The die is cast; there is no other pill to take. With all their years of accumulated wisdom and knowledge, these experts must be right!

Well firstly I say have a look at these 'experts'. And more importantly have a look at where the 'expert opinion' Oracles are located. Within the smoke stacks of those damn think tanks.

Who’s paying who?

Whose arse was kissed on their way up the ladder to ‘expert’ status?

Well I’ll be damned if I follow their dictates!

The truth. It hides in all the wrong places.


I have always followed my gut instincts; the infallibility of my common sense has never led me astray. None of this complicated hodgepodge of rubbish these experts peddle from their gilded castles way up high; I am a man of action!

I know about their secret scenarios - they are playing out right in front of our eyes.

For me they can no longer hide. The expert is little more than the vector of the international conspiracy that has smothered mankind for too long!

Gentleman (and ladies) the time has come to throw off the shackles of ‘expert opinion’

Arise now.

Or forever be thought of as a fool.

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