Sunday, 27 February 2005 By Submit_to_the_horn
Thats right. Bastards the lot of 'em. These pricks wanna rule the world and don't care who get in their way!
Those Jews with their big noses. The tiny ears of the Jesuits (just look at that idiot Tony Abbott). Those Freemasons sodomising donkeys while raising funds for "charity".
You can't trust any of them!

Did you know that Bob Santamaria was secretly a member of his local lodge and often visited Tel Aviv?
Yes, it's true. I've got pictures!
Real evidence...

Meanwhile the rest of us are tied up in houses, made to work our arses off to pay for all the things they want us to have. We are gagged from hearing the truth.

Name a media company that does not have one of these people in charge?
Fucking Murdoch has a Vatican Knighthood, and the cunt isn't even Catholic!'

What more proof do you need???

This world is, in the words of that great world leader, at a "tilting point"!

Y'know like in a pinball game. We are the ball. The Jews,Jesuits, and Freemasons are the flippers. Dinging us back and forward all fucking day long. In their smoky boardrooms they are making plans for us.

People prepare to get right royally fucked over.

I bring you the truth!
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