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Fuck I'm going nutty nowadays

Created: Friday, 01 June 2007 Written by Rootless in Seattle
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I seen this sheila on the way in...she's driving a Merc.
Where did she get the money for that? anyhoo. She is a sweet one.
My oh my a sweet one.

Then I grab the end of my snake and wring it all day long.

I know its worktime but how about a drink for fucksake.
Just sit back and listen to my sweet Finnish music all day long...

Getting back to this chick, she is cute and likes to talk.

Take it to the next base?

Now me heads a throbbing, but make no mistake I'm ready for you.

I put my head down and do another line.

I'm happy in current circumstance, but a change is as good as a holiday!
Something different.
Hopefully won't have to pay for it.