Thursday, 25 February 2010 By Ricardovitz
White Australians 've long pondered on why Abos ain't too smart and do crazy stuff. Well, boys and girls, researchers is real close to gettin this all figured out. They done discoverdd that one of the major health and social issues facing young Abos in Australia today is the snortin of volatile solvents. The substance of choice for teen abos in rural and remote regions of the country is what y'all call "petro"l (fer reguloar white folks, that thar's "gasoline"), primarily because it cheap and can be stole easy, and the rapidity of "Abo Crazy Brain" its inhalation produces. While the number of individuals using petrol as an inhalant constitute a tiny proportion of the overall Australian population, it's a heap larger fer the Abos.(Carroll,1977:17).

Researchers have pondered "why"? Cain't reckon on why no normal person of thar species Humana would fix ta killin off thar brain cells, specially when they ain't got as many as normal folks ta start with.

There have been some sporadic surveys and government enquiries, but little socially- there ain't been no good data commin from these here gooberment studies funded with yer tax dollars. And, you might think a spell then ask "why ain't they got thar answeres"?

Well, it's cuz ain't no one out thar want to tell you boys and girls thar truth....cept Ricardovitz. Yep, I been tellin folks truths fer as long as I can remember, and ain't no one want ta know thar real truth 'bout nothin. But, that dern't make no nevermind. I'm on a truth mission, and here it is. Abos ain't got much mentally goin on fer them; they can't do what Ero-Aussies can do; can't keep up mentally and whatnot. And, them commie union whores done taught them that good old hard hard work and physical toil is beneath them - taught them how to be all upity 'bout doin labor. So, Abos ain't got nothin to do but to chrome thar brains by huffin petrol and whatnot. Makes em feel good and they ain't got to do no hard work, that they's been taught is beneeth them, cuz the gooberment done pays yer tax dollars to them fer all kind of goodies - food, water, shelter, cloths, and whatnot.

This means that gooberment policy (for example, whether to criminalise drinkin gas fumes thru yer nose) and health education efforts (like regular folks gotta be taught not to drink gasoline thru yer nose?) have been hampered by scanty and ill-informed lying poloticians. Yer politicains ain't got no backbone - dern't want to call a gas-sniffin spade a dumb do-nothin junkie.

Y'all think otherwise............then lay it out so's we can have an intelligent discussion.
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