Armenian Ale Tasting

Saturday, 01 October 2011 By Piss Prophet

The tiny nation of Armenia is not one that springs to mind when thinking of beer. Surrounded by lands full of lunatics such as Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Israel; tiny Armenia has survived wars, earthquakes, and genocides. And it seems that it has does this long enough to have it's own ale.


So, what is the brew that a hard working Armenian drinks after a day at the office in Yerevan?


Kilikia Ale!


I was lucky enough to have some of this premier beer of the Caucasus’s in the office. Not being afraid to try a beer or three, I popped the top on it to report to you how it shapes up in the world ale landscape.


And I have to say it is not a bad drop!


First up was the light Kilikia Ale.


The bottle fitted the palm well, the colour was delightful, and the taste reminded me of the sweat from a goat’s ball sack.

With a nice even finish I reckon you could enjoy this beer with clams, lamb cutlets, and some piri piri sauce.


While I was cracking open the second bottle I started to think of the others who have travelled the roads that lead from Ashotsk to Arevik. The mysterious Caucasus; it has always been an area of intrigue and espionage...


The next bottle was the more subtle Kilikia Dark Ale.


With a nose that could cause an epileptic fit and a thick brown turgid colour, the Kilikia Dark seemed, at first, to be a bit harder to enjoy.


And the fact it had the same viscosity of the syphilis infected arse of Armenia’s favourite son Winston Churchill, didn't add to it's appeal!


But I bit the bullet and swallowed it down. By the time I reached the end of the bottle I had found salvation, and I was wondering if this was what the Big Three drank in Tehran all those years ago…


So there you have it. Armenian Beer, tasted and tested by


Look for it in your local bottle-0 and enjoy!

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