Tuesday, 14 April 2020 By Max Gross

Who Let the Bugs Out?


While Sideshow Scott’s federal gunnament continues to avoid answering the question of who authorised the docking and disembarkation of coronavirus-carrying passengers on the Ruby Princess in Sydney – and with Border Farce Obergruppenfuhrer Kartoffelpuffer seemingly in hiding – here are a few new COVID19 facts and figures...


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Missing in inaction: Obergruppenfuhrer Kartoffelpuffer

Australia’s death toll is 61 of 6,359 cases and between 4,000 and 5,000 Tasmanians will be forced into two weeks of quarantine from yesterday as part of the shutdown of two hospitals on the north-west coast;

The US coronavirus death toll is 23,463 of 583,444 cases, New York’s death toll has passed 10,000; and all 50 US states are under disaster declaration for first time in it’s benighted history;

Italy’s death toll has passed 20,000;

France’s death toll has reached 14,967 of 136,779 cases;

The UK hospital death toll has passed 11,000;

Iran’s official death toll has risen to 4,585 but is probably far higher;

Germany’s death toll has passed 3,000;

Russia announced it had 2,558 new coronavirus infections on Monday, bringing the country’s new total to 18,328 cases, nearly three times the number of confirmed cases just a week ago;

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I want protection!

Spain’s overnight death toll from coronavirus fell to 517 on Monday from Sunday’s 619, bringing the total death toll there to 17,489;

Singapore recorded its biggest daily jump in infections, taking its total to 2,918;

1,925,179 cases are reported worldwide, including 119,701 deaths and 447,821 recoveries.

Needless to say those figures change by the day if not the hour.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises “We know that in some countries, #COVID19 cases are doubling every 3 to 4 days. However, while COVID-19 accelerates very fast, it decelerates much more slowly. In other words, the way down is much slower than the way up”.

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You would think voting would make a difference, but have a look at the dickheads they serve us up to vote for.

And the good news? COVID19 could be with us for years and may even become a seasonal event.

Just like flu, only more lethal.

Unsurprisingly,  a Pew Research report has revealed 29% of Americans believe COVID19 was created in a lab.

Most Americans think Elvis lives and that Hollywood movies about WW2 and the US war in Vietnam are history lessons.

And in Australia the LNP gunnament is projecting a COVID19-driven jobless rate of 10%.

Given that the “official” jobless rate is always a laughable underestimate anyway, I reckon this purported 10% will probably be closer to 20%.

But anyone imagining Sideshow Scott and the LNP crime syndicate won’t use the coronavirus crisis for their own political advantage really hasn’t been paying attention.

All these hundreds of billions of dollars – or rather announcements of money to support jobs and plebs – is a smokescreen.


This ain’t no conversion, it’s a holding pattern, an act, a charade.

Sideshow Scott will revert to type the moment the virus is no longer a threat to the “economy”.

The LNP crime syndicate will go on neoliberal rampage.

Pity all those newbies on the dole. They are in for the shock of their lives.

Degradation. Punishment. Poverty. Drug testing. Indue card. Robodeath! Kick in the teeth! It will all come flooding in like a tempest.

The unemployed will be gutted alive and strung from lamp posts.

Hold fast, folks, prepare for the long haul.

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