The Battle for Middle Oz

Wednesday, 16 November 2005 By Max

Angry Aussies draw a line in the sand, Trujillo’s Telstra sacks more workers to pad the share price for the Rodent’s sale of a once mighty source of public revenue, and Max Gross makes an uplifting prediction!

Factions & fictions, facts & frictions

Half a million Australians – at least 200,000 in Melbourne alone – rallied around the nation o­n Tuesday to voice their opposition to the Lying Rodent’s latest Workplace terror tactics.

The PM cocked a sneering snoot and poo-pooed the historic event, and Creepy Jesus, his sinister Minister for I.R., called it “predictable”; whatever that may mean in the amoral cesspool the feral leadership wallows in.

But the simple fact remains, a chink in the Lying Rodent’s rusty, shit-encrusted armour is glimmering like a distant beacon, attracting armies of the disaffected, the disenfranchised and the just plain diss’ed, who are gathering for the final battle for Australia’s battered way of life.

Make no mistake, John Howard’s industrial relations “reforms” are a declaration of class war.

But a line in the sand was drawn at the biggest political protest o­n record yesterday, and the message from the bottom of the economic food chain to the top of the political dung heap is “THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER, YOU DECEITFUL, SANCITIMONIOUS OLD BASTARD!” Or words to that effect.

No amount of taxpayer-funded party political propaganda can disguise the vindictive injustice at the core of the Rodent’s “WorkChoices” lack of choice for the average worker.

It’s not bloody rocket science. It's in Revelations, people!

Your boss hands you an Orwellian document called an “Australian Workplace Agreement” that shafts you in right royal fashion (after all, this IS a constitutional monarchy… without a Bill of Rights). Your work choice? Sign or resign.

And with the hidden unemployment rate of around double the officially sanctioned figure, YOU are in no position to tell your boss to shove that AWA where the Suckhole of Steel lives and breathes. Especially if not in a Union.

And as if to highlight the atmosphere of putative nastiness promoted by the Mendacious Midget and his Liarberal menagerie, Telstra’s imported chief head kicker has announced the pending demise of 12,000 jobs… just like that!

Let’s see some poor working stiff try negotiating an AWA o­n that!

And in case you still don’t quite see the wood for the bushfire, in the past year the CEOs of Australia's biggest sharemarket-listed companies received an average 16 per cent pay rise. Great bursting colostomy bags! the average salary for the head of o­ne of Australia's top 300 biggest has risen from $1.6 million in 2004 to $1.9 million in 2005! (I wonder what percentage of HIS income he spends o­n food, fuel or his kid’s schooling.Compared to you or me? Sweet F.A.!)

When’s the last time YOU got a 16 per cent sweetener like that? Oh, what’s that you say? You’re o­n a part-time, casual contract without sick leave benefits, holiday pay or superannuation contributions worth a budgie’s turd? Well, strip me dacks and tickle me with a feather, you must be o­ne of those lucky buggers making the most of the PM’s booming labour market!

Doesn’t all that employment “flexibility” just make you weep with gratitude at the Visigoth-like destruction wreaked upon this miserable, frightened nation by a man without the slightest moral scruples? Oh, if there’s a god in heaven, by now he must be winding up for quite a sucker-punch.

Hell’s bells and Christ-on-a-stick, folks! Even the PM’s ostensible allies in the Australian Christian Lobby are alert and alarmed at the feral government's industrial relations assault, warning of damaged family values and other dire consequences, including increasing rates of youth suicide.

Yep, former commander of the SAS and Special Forces Brigadier Jim Wallace, now executive chairman of the ACL, reckons there’s no doubt the Rodent's cunning plan to eliminate penalty rates will harm family life.

And Last-Man-Standing National-with-a-Conscience Barnaby Joyce is fretting at the bit over the PM’s blatantly inequitable legislation as his furious colleagues stick in the spurs in an attempt to shut him up yet again.

And my prediction?

Before the next election, the Lying Rodent will abandon his post, slink away, and hobble his shoe-shine boy Peter Costello with the dead albatross of John Howard’s reckless, iniquitous ideology. And the bastards will lose, big-time, as the Great Wheel turns o­nce more.

Ah, the perfect occasion for sedition and another vodka spritzer!

This was Max Gross for, watching, waiting, and whistling for the drover’s dog!
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