Splash the Cash Albo!

Tuesday, 19 April 2022 By Frank Blues

Anthony Albanese is the latest in a long line of ALP losers trying to become PM. Given their pathetic record, it looks like it's gunna be another uphill battle for them this election. Well here's a suggestion. How about trying something different for a change. A different tack. This time around...

Splash the Cash Albo!

 aussie money


It's election time Australia. A time we can all enjoy. Snags, primary schools, and how to vote cards. Now we all know Australia is a rich and bountiful Nation. It even says so in our song. Albo if you want to win this time don't be a tightarse! Tell the punters that when you are PM your gunna spread some of that good fortune around!

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Oi Albo! What's in it for me?

Albo tell the voters that you will...

Increase the dole. Build more public housing. Make School free for all. Free Medical Care for all. Free Dental Care for all. Send cheques out every Thursday stamped and franked with money for all us dinki di Aussies.

Albo listen, fuck this 'debt' bullshit. This country has been in 'debt' since the day the Poms stole it. Get a hold of Treasury and buttfuck those wowsers until they are screaming like Keynes "We're in the money!"



And Albo, forget the bleatings of the business press. The whining of the dumbarse Political Journos. Fuck those moaning 'economists'. Fuck them all, this country is loaded and we should spend spend spend until we are all feeling rich and fabulous.

Y’know, just like Gina and Rupert are. 


 nobrainerThis guy had a go. And lost.

So Albo just tell us that when you're our PM you will be sending out the dosh. Rewarding every Aussie's hard work. That'll get you a win for sure.


Albo listen. For fucks sake... This time tell us you're gunna…


Splash the Cash!

aussie money



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