Fear and Fabrication

Created: Tuesday, 21 February 2006 Written by Mr_Jupiter
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Has John Howard really been Australia's Prime Minister for only a decade?

So many lies, so little time! The Howard government's reputation for good "fiscal management" is just another of the PM’s distorted claims to fame.

Our nation's foreign debt has never been bigger, Australians are personally all in hock to creditors, the hidden unemployment rate makes a mockery of the government's official figures (where one hour a week is considered “employment”), and the accounting methods used to proclaim the PM's economic success are fraudulent.

John Howard has given us the nation's most deceptive, dishonest, unscrupulous, and idealogically driven government in history. His ministers are uniformly incompetant: machine men and women, gutless, heartless.

Tragically, and to our nation's blistering shame, there IS no recognisable opposition party in the domestic political arena.

And so we remain mired in this, the Lying Rodent's decade of fear and fabrication.

And we are all guilty accomplices in his cruel, small-minded charade.