Thursday, 12 December 2002 By Correspondent
Let's make it to Number One!
The International Cricket Council has described the one-day cricket crowds at the Melbourne Cricket Ground as in the top three worldwide for worst behavior. Well here at Xenox News we pride ourselves on being true blue Aussies, and we support all things Australians do that place them in the category of worlds best practice. We want Australia to be number one in all things she does, especially when it involves sport. So we at Xenox News are throwing down a challenge to the spectators at next Sunday's one-day international between England and Australia: Let's go for number one! Smuggle in that bottle of JD!

Emphasize the Mexican wave by throwing up as much stuff as you can!

Why not organize a competition between you and your mates on who can make it to the other side of the ground first.

Burning stuff is a sure fire why to antagonize the authorities so bring in some BBQ starters light 'em up and throw 'em on the field!

Fuck it. Why don't you burn the motherfucking MCG to the ground! They're gunna ban you from going to games anyway; so make your last game their last game!

We here at the 'News look forward to seeing some mayhem on Sunday and wish all you vandalising lunatics the best of luck.

Make us Aussie Proud!
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