Created: Friday, 14 July 2006 Written by Chato
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Doctors sickened by awful proctology report.

An emergency colonoscopy ordered by the taxpayer
funded doctors of the plucky little Pathological
Malignancy, revealed the source of the parasitic
blockage in the regal intestines of the father of
the stern but fair Howardland.

Deeply penetrating the aristocratic arsehole
and rectum of the little national treasure,
was seen a bunch of the most godawful, wiggling
parasites you could imagine.

It seems that all the Labor state premiers have
discovered that living in the arse of the world's
greatest parasite is the nearest thing to Heaven,
and they have all become fat, bloated residents
of the PM's stinking bowel.

The PM's chief proctologist, Dr. Longfinger,
gave a gloomy prognosis:-

"I have never-ever seen a worse case. The only
way we could possibly remove the state premiers,
is to blast them out with dynamite!"