Created: Thursday, 20 July 2006 Written by Chato
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The efficient Oz government loses patience with
those doddering elderly bludgers.

In a fit of non-core compassion, the plucky
little arse-sucking Oz PM gives a rousing
speech about efficiency - despite his very
painful set of rubbed-raw lips and a bad
case of bleeding brown-tongue:-

"If we wish to continue the spectacular
level of reforms that we have seen under the
shadow of the Howardland regime, we must
never allow human weakness and sentiment to
override our march to national destiny!
I anticipate that I shall take my place
alongside the greats - Stalin, Hitler, Pol
Pot, Judas, Cain, Charles Manson, the
wonderful, hard-working Ed Gein...
But let me get back to the main topic!

In keeping with our suckhole revolution we are
introducing the DEATHCHOICES(TM) scheme
to complement the Howard STUPIDCARD(TM).

You could not have failed to notice the
increasing number of bludging elderly
living off the taxpayers:

Bald, stupid, corrupt old men. Ugly old
cunts wearing glasses. Stunted and deaf
bludgers, living rent-free, drinking
taxpayer funded wine, living high on the
hog, getting free travel around the world,
and totally free medical and dental care.


So very soon, they will have the choice to
work of their guilt in a Soylent Brown
factory, be screeched to death by listening
to the Holy Hellsong choir of demons, or by
slashing their veins with a Centrelink
supplied rusty razor blade!"

Kim Bigbagoshitzly broke out in a cold sweat
at the news, and made his escape to the
canteen pie-shop where he refused to oppose
the Government scheme and stuffed his
useless face full of pastry.