Friday, 18 May 2007 By Professor Williams


My esteemed friend Voice of Reason has put forward a persuasive case that Armageddon has begun and we are all screwed. While I agree that things are taking a relative change for the worse, I take a more relaxed view. I mean really, is it anything more than a normal and natural culling of the population?

I think not.


Of course there is a storm coming. Not all will survive; in fact most won’t. But surely we couldn’t expect the idiocy of mankind’s common denominators lasting forever, could we?

The huddled masses? Let’s just club them to death and leave them on the dirty boulevard.

One thing I most certainly agree with VoR on is the impact of infectious agents in the coming years. The destruction of ecosystems that have lasted millennia will almost certainly have a diabolical effect on us all.

But that is no reason to give up. As my old Professor Harry i Man used to say: “In the end Science is our only hope & salvation.”

And it is through science and reason that some of us can survive.

Recently some amazing research has detailed a hitherto unknown means of combating infectious agents. These scientists have found that prior infection with particular, relatively benign, viruses can protect the host from otherwise lethal bacterial infection.

Here is a means to our end.

In the future green hair will be the least of our worries!

But we must be swift. There is no time for ethics in these end times. To expedite research the animal phase of testing must be skipped. Straight to the human volunteers I say. Well at least some sort of controlled test group. We could begin with prison inhabitants but I think a more representative sampling of the population would serve us better.

Perhaps the residents of the outer suburban areas of our major cities.

And what sort of testing will be needed?

Well first we should investigate how this symbiotic bond forms between man and virus. The genomes of both species need to be thoroughly investigated. New mutant strains of virus will be developed and tested on the subjects. And then by splicing some of these mutant viral genes into the human genome we could perhaps perfect our defences against the bacterial threat we face.

This is not the type of testing I am talking about. There will be plenty of time to do this once we master our own destiny.

Some results maybe gruesome and disturbing. But we must remember we are doing this for the future of mankind. Sometimes the weak must suffer so the strong can go on.

It is only by our logical and scientific study can we hope to save at least some of the human race. Perhaps even the best part.

The time for ethics, a moral conscience, the “soul”, and religious babblings about mystical figures from thousands of years ago has long gone. We need a steely unemotional will so we can overcome the obstacles that face us in the coming years.

Dialectic materialism must be our guiding philosophy. There is no other world than this one so we must utilise all its resources for our good. The best we can do is to ensure that mankind continues its upward trajectory; its continuing evolvement into something better. Into something stronger. A new, greater, man.

A superman.

So do your part! Volunteer those you think we can experiment on. Just send their information to the >Xenox Institute.

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