Tories Rejoice as Australia Faces Parliamentary Dictatorship

Created: Tuesday, 08 February 2005 Written by Submit_News
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George Bush has secured another four years to push his agenda of American hegemony under the banner of democracy through carnage.

In Australia, beginning 1 July, John Howard will begin a virtual dictatorship of retro-racist ideology upon a willing populace. For the first time in living memory, there is no opposition, and consequently no hope of change for between three to six years.

The damage done during this political nadir, and the damage already done from the ten years preceding it, will likely be felt for generations. Against this backdrop to the death throes of that flawed but humane political form of government: democracy, I can no longer find any reason to continue contributing to this web site. Ten years of ranting and raving to no avail is enough for one person.

This doesn't mean that I am resigning from the fight: I will continue to remind any and everyone I meet of the prevailing smallness of mind that is inexorably reducing the human race to a rabble of ciphers.

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