Created: Wednesday, 22 November 2006 Written by Chato
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The Oz suckers get their new tax to
finance a local "China Syndrome".

They pleaded for more tax - now they
will have it - the glorious NST!
The "Nuclear Suckers' Tax" should just
about sink poor old broken-down Oz.
All it needed was one more stunt to send
the whole shonky edifice sliding to Hell.

After 20 years of paying this impost, the
Oz dullards would be lucky if they got a
nuclear meltdown for their money - they
surely will not get any cheap energy!

Well Ostrichlians are a weird mob, they
never know what they want until the media
whores and creepy politicians tell them
what they want, and then they must have it.
Even if it kills them!

Let's look at what the hard-won future will
reward these morons' efforts with:-

*Unaffordable living for a start.
*Sewage and chemicals in their water supply.
*Mercury, chlordane, heptachlor etc. in fish.
*High air pollution, including asbestos fibres.
*Financial meltdown of all asset classes.
*Taxpayer funded wars that do nothing for Oz.
*More and more levies, taxes and fees.
*Heaps more forms to fill-in.
*Having to show your Ozzi Stupid-Card ID everywhere.

And to think that Ostrichlians fought for all
that, and more! Thanks to the "Tongue of Steel".

Pay your Nuclear Suckers' Tax you poor morons -
life was not meant to be easy for retards.