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John "Conservative" Howard the Gun Banner The year of 2006 will possibly go down as the worst yet for Australian Prime Minister John Howard due to his draconian policies o­n firearm ownership by his citizens. Prime Minister Howard comes under inceasing pressure, both from within his conservative party and from media pundits, to review and adjust many of his long-held beliefs or ripping away firearms from his law abiding, now helpless citizens. After promising to make Australia a safer place in which to live, the OECD report came out showing Australia to be number o­ne in crime victimisation. (reference: Sydney Morning Herald, March 29, 2006 “Australians top the world when it comes to crime”.) Not o­nly has Prime Minister Howard fail to implement capital punishment, specifically modeling it after Florida's "Old Sparkey" electrocution process, but the Australian Citizens continue to stand by, unarmed, while Muslims, Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, Jews, Negros, Octaroons, and Quadroons run amuck all causing mayhem and chaos.Another area of concern is that Howard promised that he would keep interest rates low, (and got elected in 2004 o­n that basis) but has been instrumental in implementing several interest rate rises – three so far this year! Perhaps he needed to do this as a result of rising inflation, but he has done nothing to impose trade sanctions with China and the Middle East, which would have gone a long way in dampening the fires of inflation.After wasting more than o­ne BILLION dollars o­n his failed gun control agenda, the mainstay of which was universal firearms registration, Howard was forced to stand at the side of the newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as he announced that the Canadian firearms registration system, set up in 1995, would be disbanded, since it was found to be of no help in stopping or solving crimes! (ref: www.pm.gov.au/news/interviews/interview1944.html) (Dear Reader, would you like to ask Howard why he doesn’t also disband Australia’s firearm registration?)"Australians should take heed and follow the American Model and pass their own 2nd Amendment", said Condoleesa Rice, US Secretary of State. Secretary Rice apparently gave Howard a real tongue-lashing over his ideas o­n Gun Control! In US terms, “Gun Control” means the laws introduced in the South to keep Blacks from having guns to defend themselves and their families from attacks by the Ku Klux Klan! Seems Condi got stuck into Howard over cocktails, explaining how her father taught her to shoot at an early age and how people should have the right to firearms for self-defence. Word has it that Condi was baffled as to why Howard would crush the guns of people who had never committed any crime