Schapelle Corby Gets a Global Demo and a Landmark Video

Tuesday, 09 December 2008 By Unregistered Corresp
Following the Sydney Morning Herald's widely condemned article o­n New York based Tara Hack's internationally acclaimed Schapelle Corby support song, UK based 'Artists for Schapelle' have today issued a unique ground breaking video to accompany it. The 'one world' video features ordinary people from across the planet, each demonstrating their opposition to Schapelle Corby's continued imprisonment. It illustrates how concern for her is now truly international, including significant segments from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, and New Zealand.

Jan Felding of MarginHoose Records called the video highly innovative and ground breaking: "This is without doubt leading edge social network electro-innovation. I've not seen anything like it previously. It is certainly a landmark video."

Rach James, of the 'Artists for Schapelle' publishing platform said: "The message is stark. These are real people in real places, not actors or props. They deliver a very clear and simple message, accompanied by a really beautiful song."

She continued, "The world is watching the Australian government doing nothing to help her, and their media covering their tracks with outrageous and continued smear and innuendo. The world hears Schapelle's cries for help, and wants this injustice and cruelty to end, now. The video speaks for itself to anyone whose mind has not been closed: it illustrates just how much decent people care, regardless of their nationality."

The unique video begins in New York, home of Tara Hack and Liberty Island, and pointedly ends in Canberra, home of Australia's Parliament House. In the interim, it visits dozens of different towns and cities, with residents of each delivering the same simple message, in a variety of ways. The video ends with a very blunt question: "How much more suffering until they listen?".

The video itself can be viewed via the following URL:, or o­n YouTube ( The MP3 of the song can be downloaded form the first page without charge.   

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