Effeminate Mealy-mouth From Hell

Created: Thursday, 22 March 2007 Written by The_Exorcist
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is concerned about HUMAN BEINGS!!!

Incredibly, one of the neo-fascist team
that shows total heartless unconcern for
those hurt badly by market "reforms" are
now appealing to our hearts:

The Howard Regime's, Foreign Thingster,
Alex "fishnet stocking" Downer, was almost
hysterical, telling us to remember that
ex-senator Santoro is a human being.

Well, thank you Alex! Considering how
self-righteous your mob is when trying
to put welfare recipients into prison
for "misreporting" THEIR financial status,
I can only conclude that they are not
"human beings" like Senator Santoro.
For a while there I was thinking that
he was just another sleazy politician!

Is Alex a bloated, prissy, privileged,
hypocritical faggot from Hell?

I'll let you decide.