#Occupymelbourne #2

Created: Saturday, 22 October 2011 Written by LordyLordyLordy
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Despite the vicious attack on the #occupymelbourne protesters by the Victorian Police yesterday, these fighters against the fucked up status quo returned to the streets of Melbourne today proud and unbowed.


And XenoxNews.com was there marching proudly with them.



Standing tall, even after the vicious assault by the Victoria Police. #OccupyMelbourne protesters today


Unlike like those arseholes in the HeraldSun we don’t pretend we are unbiased ‘objective’ observers. XenoxNews.com has always stood proudly on the side of the working people and those getting screwed by the globe's financial elites.


Fuck that cunt Murdoch!


And today we were there to show our support for #occupymelbourne and all those others around the world fighting the power.  Surrounded by the Victoria Police Force riot squad, ordered there by Liberal party hacks Lord Mayor Doyle and Premier Baillieu so as to clear the city for Queen Elizabeth, the throng marched onto Trades Hall and then onto Treasury gardens.


Vic Police obeying their orders - protect our financial masters!



You can see more of our highlights of the protest here:


One thing that the last 30 years of politics in Australia has shown is that where the USA goes Australia will follow blindly. Whether it is illegal invasions, selling off public utilities to dodgy banks, or just bending over and copping it up the arse from the 1%; the leaders of Australia have shown again and again that they will obey what the financial elite demands.


Victoria Police - working for the Man. The Liberal Party man!


The protest won't stop here. The whole system is so fucked up now it is ripe for the kicking. From Athens to Cairo to Melbourne people have had enough. The fight will continue, the time to strike hard is now!



And XenoxNews.com will be there to give you the truth.